Login To Phone Apps

Login to Phone Apps

This module will make sure you have access to all the right tools on your phone. 

Step 1

You should have the following apps downloaded on your phone. If not, please download them now. 

KW GO, KW, Kelle

Step 2

KW GO- This is a regional app that houses regional events, regional calendar, GO Careers and more. To access this app login with your KW email. Password is  GOapp(mc #). So if you’re in the Abq office it’s GOapp239. Riverside GOapp642 and SF is GOapp900

Step 3

Kelle App is your mobile access to KW Command. We will get into all the amazing things Kelle can do for you later. Right now, simply login with your KW credentials.

Step 4

This KW app is your consumer app. This is what your clients will use when working with you. We are also going to brand it to ourselves so we can share it.

Please watch this short tutorial on how to brand your app.