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Beginning Steps

Welcome to Keller Williams! This course will walk you through all of the basics and help you get all of your technology up and running. 

KW Orientation

This module will introduce you to the three main pieces of technology you will use with KW. KW Connect, KW Command and Command Mobile

30 min

Complete Profiles

This will walk you through the areas your profiles are, explain where they populate online and how to edit them.

10 min

Check Applications in Command

Take a look at your applications in Command and make sure they are connected.

10 min

Sign in to Applications on your Phone

Login to the applications on your phone. KW, GO, Kelle, and Buyer Registry

10 min

Join KW Private Facebook Groups

Find the links for the private groups you need to be a part of

5 min

Add Yourself as a Contact

Practice adding a contact and learning the different fields. Brief introduction to sorting and bulk actions.

10 min

Assign a Smart Plan to Yourself

This step will not only familiarize you with Smartplans, it will also allow you to see firsthand what is being delivered to your clients.

5 min

Complete Open House Safety

This is a required class for holding open houses. 

34 min

Complete Floor Duty Orientation

This is a required class for sitting floor duty.

1 hr

Create a Design in Command

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a social media post to promote your app. 

34 min


Renowned GO Coach Kara Schug leads this Mindset Panel with Mark Rickert and Clay Trafton.  

34 min

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