Everything you need to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living! 

Beginning Steps

Everything you need to know starting out with KW. Includes action steps for setting up your website and profiles. 

10 Modules

KW Technology 101

Get to know all of the Technology KW offers! 

12 Modules

Coming Soon (Representing a Buyer 101)

All the basics to working with buyers! 

12 Modules

Coming Soon (Representing a Seller 101)

All the basics to working with sellers!

12 Modules

Coming Soon (Business Basics )

All the basics for managing your business! 

3 Modules

Coming Soon (KW Technology 201)

Learn the finer aspects of Command and how it can be your leverage! 

14 Modules

Coming Soon (KW Command for Teams)

Command for teams! 

14 Modules

Mortgage, Title & Home Warranty Basics

Learn the basics of mortgage, title and home warranty to effectively communicate with your clients! 

14 Modules

Coming Soon (Lead Generation)

Learn all about lead generation here!

15 Modules

Team Building

If you are considering building a real estate team, or have an existing real estate team that you want to grow to the next level, understanding how the most successful real estate teams are doing it at the highest level in today’s real estate market is the first place to start.  

3 Modules

(In Progress) Contracts & Forms

Be legal. 

15 Modules

Coming Soon (Master Classes)

Get unique glimpses into the lives of our most successful brokers. You will learn how they think, what their processes are and how they got to the level they are at.